Poggio Tafuri is more than a bed & breakfast.

It's a manor house dating back to nineteenth century, included into a fascinating masseria - the typical manor farm architecture in these lands - at the limits of the Alta Murgia Park, just a few kilometres from Castle of the Mount. Since ever, Tafuri is a place where people abandon their troubles and come to a compromise with a slower time. In the centuries, the thick and fresh tophus walls welcomed the celebrations of Andria's landed aristocracy, as well as the croppers' rest, when returning from the fields. Its centuries-old pine trees watched over children's play and pandered adults' sleep in the controra - a special name given, in these surroundings, to that lazy special time in the afternoon when everything invites you to take a nap.

Those who had the chance to pass through these lands, even if only for a short while, always felt at home. The Poggio Tafuri bed & breakfast welcomes all of them and all of those who did not have yet the chance to come visit these Southern magical territories.